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New and improved pallets that are shaped to match your needs

We manufacture and deliver new wood pallets to industries such as food, drinks, medical, engineering, automotive, print & packaging, retail, and general manufacturing.

By utilizing our pallet design process, we are committed to giving the greatest value to all of our clients. So, no matter where in Cincinnati you will get your new wood pallets, you can be assured that the quality of the goods and the level of service will be the same.

All of our pallets are rigorously inspected to guarantee that they satisfy our requirements and provide value to your company.

Our company-wide procedures for construction, maintenance, and quality control ensure that every site adheres to this level.

We are dedicated to provide the best value to each and every one of our clients by leveraging our pallet design process. We never purposefully over-engineer or produce inefficient products as a result. We only work with premium timber from sustainably managed forests.

The Best Wooden Pallets in Cincinnati

New pallets are often capable of making numerous voyages before requiring even minor repairs. When you combine correct maintenance and repair procedures, they can endure a long time. Our pallets are made with high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. 

Oak Pallets (or other woods)

Oak and pine are the two timber types that are most frequently used to make pallets. Given that pine is a softwood and oak is a hardwood, some people might be startled by this.

Wood pallets offer an environmentally appropriate alternative in light of the growing environmental concern over product shipment. Its manufacturing materials can be recycled or recovered from used pallets. Mulch, poster board, and paper may all be made from recycled pallets.

Pine Pallets (or other softwoods)

Headboards. Wall art. Gardening (believe flowerpot and raised beds). Coffee tables, ottomans, and more. There is an endless supply of pallets that are simply waiting to be declared! Know your wood and after that get to work!

Customized New Pallets

our exact instructions, Government requirements, product dimensions, weight, and transportation circumstances are all taken into consideration. We are able to create bespoke things thanks to our vast global network, deep level of knowledge, and ample financial resources.

Pallets that satisfy your particular needs

Our distinctive designs take into account every element of your products, distribution, and logistics. We use the findings of this investigation to develop a pallet solution that completely satisfies your company’s requirements. 

Quality Workmanship

To ensure that all of our new products meet the highest standards of quality, we only employ the best materials and cutting-edge technology.

The Top Supplier of Pallets

Our wood pallet design program is tailored to each customer’s demands. Using Cutting-edge equipment, we can design and construct pallets for a number of purposes. We follow industry standards in order to offer the best value.